Token Launch

The launch of PACK will follow the following steps:

HashPack will put a vote on the Saucer Swap DAO to get PACK on the default list, create a V1 Pool, and a Yield Farm. This process requires the Sentinel report to be completed which can be accessed in the previous section and we are currently in talks with the SaucerSwap team to get the vote ready. The vote will happen around a week prior to the launch of PACK to give the DAO enough time to process their vote.

Four days prior to the launch of PACK, a final snapshot of the HashPack Concierge Collectible holders will be taken. This final snapshot will determine which NFTs and how many are held in the various account IDs and it will set the final distribution list of the Genesis PACK allocation. There will be an announcement days prior to the snapshot to make sure the community is aware of it.

At the day of launch, HashPack will put 20M PACK allocated to liquidity and convert it into HBAR/PACK LP tokens. HashPack will launch with a SaucerSwap V1 pool. For legal reasons we are unable to comment on the price, therefore the ratio of HBAR/PACK which will set the initial price on the liquidity pool won’t be revealed.

At the same time as the creation of the SaucerSwap V1 Pool, HashPack will airdrop 160M PACK to qualifying community members. The creation of the Liquidity Pool and the airdrop of the 160M PACK tokens to community members will happen simultaneously to establish the official LP. Doing this allows us to set up a healthy, deep initial liquidity pool for the launch.

Prior to launch, HashPack will pull some of the PACK initially allocated to the company (Marketing, Operations, and Core Development accounts) to provide liquidity on a centralized exchange. A CEX listing will serve to make PACK broadly available and establish the legitimacy of the token both inside and outside the Hedera ecosystem. To do so, some liquidity will have to be migrated to create the market just like we will do with the SaucerSwap V1 pool. There will be more announcements coming on the centralized exchange listing prior to launch.

Post-launch HashPack will immediately submit the applications to list PACK on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

Shortly after launch on the DEX and CEX, HashPack will put a vote for the creation of a SaucerSwap V2 pool and farm through the SaucerSwap DAO.

A couple of weeks post launch, HashPack will migrate liquidity from the V1 Pool to the V2 pool. This will be an important step for PACK as it will open it up to the concentrated liquidity pools which should in turn stabilize the price by reducing some of the volatility. More of the SaucerSwap V2 model here:

Launch date

The team is aiming for PACK to be launched at the end of April 2024.

Factors which will influence or delay this launch are: Development and pre-launch testing of our PackBack Rewards system, and CEX listing considerations. We understand the community is extremely excited for the launch, and we want to make the launch as successful as possible.

As always, we will keep our community up to date with announcements on Twitter and in our official Discord server.

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