$PACK Store Purchases

The second utility of PACK that we have planned are PACK exclusive purchases on the HashPack Store. These will start to appear after the launch of PACK. Since the store's launch in March 2023, it has featured a variety of items such as the Early Supporter and Early Adopter NFTs, the HashPack themes and just recently the HashPack Concierge Collectibles.

The Store has become a place where HashPack users can purchase assets that enhance the user experience of the wallet. With the introduction of the themes, we aimed to give users the freedom to choose how they want their wallets to look.

With the entry of $PACK into the Store we aim to expand the variety of things offered in the store whilst maintaining the objective of enhancing the user experience through the items listed within it. Additionally, we see the ability of spending your $PACK on enhancements as a key feature of the token, fulfilling its utility as a loyalty reward token to accentuate the user experience. Having $PACK exclusive purchases inside of the store is the first step towards creating that circularity objective.

With regards to the items that will be exclusively sold in $PACK within the store, we have many different ideas that will feed into existing and new features within the wallet. We are very excited to bring this to light and will share more details when it rolls out.

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